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How We Connect

At New Vintage Church our hope is that you don’t just show up on Sundays, but you build deep meaningful connections here. There are lots of ways you can do this but here are a couple of great places to start.

Connect Night

If you are new to New Vintage and still checking it out, or if you have been coming but haven’t had a chance to really plug in, our Connect Night is a great place to begin. During this evening you will hear from our staff about our vision and values, what we believe, and how you can join in our mission to inspire vibrant faith in Jesus.  You will also be connected to our amazing table hosts, who will answer any questions you may have and help point you towards your next steps. This evening is also the first step for anyone looking to join a serving team. Connect Night is fun, and a great starting point for anyone new to our community.

Time: 3rd Wed of the Month
Location: Venue 2

Small Groups

There is no better way to connect with people at New Vintage than joining a small group. In a world where you can often feel like just a face in the crowd, to find a place where you are seen and known is truly life changing. Our small groups run in 3 “sessions” throughout the year (Fall, Winter, and Spring). If you would like to join a small group or get more information about small groups click the link below.


At our Foundations Night you will dive into what the Bible teaches about living life as a Christian, what baptism is, and what it means to be a member of New Vintage Church. This is a great place for someone who has connected personally with the mission, vision, and values of New Vintage and wants to make it their home.

Time: 1st Wed of the Month
Location: Venue 2


At New Vintage we believe that every person was created with gifts and talents that they can use to impact the world. Not only are these talents a service to the world but having opportunities to use these gifts is a big part of living a fulfilling life. One way you can start to use these gifts is through our serving teams or “Dream Teams”. Here is where your church experience really moves from passive to active. You go from being a bystander to a builder of the church. If you are interested in joining one of our Dream Teams we encourage you to attend one of our Connect Nights to find out more. If you have already attended a Connect Night but are not plugged into a team you can contact Jeff Morgan at Jeff@newvintagechurch.com

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